Saturday, March 19, 2011

"The Hat Man"

Lindsay Kennett was a man who had a dream.  He wanted to be a fashion artist. 
It all started when he was a little boy in Glenorchy in the 1930s.  He used to go down to the wharf when the Earnslaw arrived with tourists on board.  He looked at what clothes they were wearing and then ran back to his home on the farm.  On a piece of paper, he drew the outfits for his mother so she could see the fashions because they didn't have any magazines.  Sometimes he even drew the clothes on fenceposts when he ran out of paper.
When he went off to art school, he started to learn about fashion drawing.  He had such a wonderful talent for fashion.  Later on he became interested in hat fashion.  Lindsay soon became the best hat maker in New Zealand.
I know about Lindsay Kennett because in the Arrowtown museum there was a big amazing hat display.
I personally loved this experience.

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