Monday, March 21, 2011

Apple Salad Recipes

Room One children love to harvest  the produce we grow at school and to cook it at school.
Recently we held a "masterchef" morning where we all invented apple salads.  Check out
these delicious meals.

                                     Eden's  APPLE fruit salad

This recipe has a sweet refreshing taste.                                                                                         
½ an orange.                                ½ an apple
¼ a peach.                                     of a pear
½ cup of grapes.                                  2 table spoons of just juice     
1. Grab ½ an orange sliced into small paces.                       
2. slice the apple in to the blow.                             
3. slice the pear into the bowl      
4. Put in the grapes  Into the bowl.         
5. shave the peach 
6. add the just juice .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Enjoy your salad  .
Jakob's Apple salad
Fast to make:
Ingredients -                   
1apple           1 pear            5 peanuts     1 carrot
Mix the ingredients together   
1lemon            1 tsp sugar      1tsp oil
Mix together
Molly's Apple   salad
If you want a simple thing to make here’s an idea. 
All you need are veges and fruit.
What you need:
*Orange                     *peas                                        *salt                          *apple                                       *apples                       *grapes                                     *peaches                    *pears                                    *cheese                      *lemon                                                            *bowl (small)
What to do:
1.    Wash the apples and cut them small.  
2.    Put them in the bowl.                             
3.    Cut all the ingredients.                            
4.    Put them all in the bowl.                     
Lemon dressing
1tsp lemon  juice.
1tsp oil      
Some sugar.
Now you have made yourself an apple salad.  It is so easy to make.

Sasha's Apple  Salad
This is a fresh dinner salad for 1 person.  It is healthy and delicious.
What you need:                      
½ apple                                                ½ apple
6 grapes                                                ½ hand full walnuts
Handful cheese                                   ½ cup croutons                                                                              4 pea pods                                            ½ carrot
½ cup small pasta                                 small bowl                    
Put all these ingredients into the small bowl.                                              
Wash the apple
Cut the apple into little cubes 
Cut grapes in ½
Grab pea pod and take peas out of pod.
Grate the carrot.
Add the walnuts, pasta and croutons.
Add the dressing

Juice of ½ a lemon.
Pinch of salt.
½ tsp sugar

Shake well.
Pour over the salad.

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