Monday, March 21, 2011

Apple Salad Recipes

Room One children love to harvest  the produce we grow at school and to cook it at school.
Recently we held a "masterchef" morning where we all invented apple salads.  Check out
these delicious meals.

                                     Eden's  APPLE fruit salad

This recipe has a sweet refreshing taste.                                                                                         
½ an orange.                                ½ an apple
¼ a peach.                                     of a pear
½ cup of grapes.                                  2 table spoons of just juice     
1. Grab ½ an orange sliced into small paces.                       
2. slice the apple in to the blow.                             
3. slice the pear into the bowl      
4. Put in the grapes  Into the bowl.         
5. shave the peach 
6. add the just juice .                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
Enjoy your salad  .
Jakob's Apple salad
Fast to make:
Ingredients -                   
1apple           1 pear            5 peanuts     1 carrot
Mix the ingredients together   
1lemon            1 tsp sugar      1tsp oil
Mix together
Molly's Apple   salad
If you want a simple thing to make here’s an idea. 
All you need are veges and fruit.
What you need:
*Orange                     *peas                                        *salt                          *apple                                       *apples                       *grapes                                     *peaches                    *pears                                    *cheese                      *lemon                                                            *bowl (small)
What to do:
1.    Wash the apples and cut them small.  
2.    Put them in the bowl.                             
3.    Cut all the ingredients.                            
4.    Put them all in the bowl.                     
Lemon dressing
1tsp lemon  juice.
1tsp oil      
Some sugar.
Now you have made yourself an apple salad.  It is so easy to make.

Sasha's Apple  Salad
This is a fresh dinner salad for 1 person.  It is healthy and delicious.
What you need:                      
½ apple                                                ½ apple
6 grapes                                                ½ hand full walnuts
Handful cheese                                   ½ cup croutons                                                                              4 pea pods                                            ½ carrot
½ cup small pasta                                 small bowl                    
Put all these ingredients into the small bowl.                                              
Wash the apple
Cut the apple into little cubes 
Cut grapes in ½
Grab pea pod and take peas out of pod.
Grate the carrot.
Add the walnuts, pasta and croutons.
Add the dressing

Juice of ½ a lemon.
Pinch of salt.
½ tsp sugar

Shake well.
Pour over the salad.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Kiwi Birdlife Park

The Year 7s and Mrs McNamee went to visit the Kiwi Birdlife Park in Queenstown.

First we got an audio tour which helped alot.  When we listened to it we learned alot about kiwis as well as the other birds and plants in the park. 
Then we went to Kiwi House number 1 and saw a male and female kiwi.  We saw how big they were.  They were very active, hunting around for bugs in the fresh soil.  It was the first time we had been so close to a kiwi.  Kiwi House number 2 also had a male and female kiwi.
As we walked around we saw a morepork owl, falcon, blue duck, kea - and that was only a few of the birds we saw.  We also saw some geckos and tuatara and a model maori village.
At 11 oclock we went to a conservation show and at 12 o'clock we went back to Kiwi House 1 to watch the kiwi feeding from a tube in the ground.  The kiwi put their beaks in the tube and feed in the same way that they would feed in the wild. 
We learned a lot about kiwi and other native birds.  We also learned about how the park was developed from a rubbish dump which was so overgrown with weeds and full of rubbish that its new owners didn't even know there were ponds in it until they fell into them one day during the clean up.  It is amazing to think of this when you see the park today.

"The Hat Man"

Lindsay Kennett was a man who had a dream.  He wanted to be a fashion artist. 
It all started when he was a little boy in Glenorchy in the 1930s.  He used to go down to the wharf when the Earnslaw arrived with tourists on board.  He looked at what clothes they were wearing and then ran back to his home on the farm.  On a piece of paper, he drew the outfits for his mother so she could see the fashions because they didn't have any magazines.  Sometimes he even drew the clothes on fenceposts when he ran out of paper.
When he went off to art school, he started to learn about fashion drawing.  He had such a wonderful talent for fashion.  Later on he became interested in hat fashion.  Lindsay soon became the best hat maker in New Zealand.
I know about Lindsay Kennett because in the Arrowtown museum there was a big amazing hat display.
I personally loved this experience.